WordPress Theme: CoolWhite 1.0

14 Feb 2009 | Tools | 1 Comments »

By now, I’ve worked on web development for nearly two months.

In the past two months, I learned something about javascript and CSS.  Because I’m interested in wordpress, I write this theme: CoolWhite.  The theme CoolWhite bases on theme srr-technology. Currently, it’s rudimentary, and will be improved in future.

The screenshot is as following:

You can download the theme here: CoolWhite1.0.

I hope you’ll like it.  🙂

Remove Tag Tool(ver1.0.0)

09 Feb 2009 | Tools | 1 Comments »

Remove Tag Tool(For Eclipse 3.4.0)

When using CVS as a version control system, we maybe tag files or projects. If tagging file incorrectly incautiously, we cannot remove it via UI, because Eclipse doesn’t provide this action, and we have to use a CVS command line client to do it. So I wrote a plugin to implement it. Hope it useful to us.


1.Select a file(or package), from context menu, you’ll see Team -> Remove Tag…Remove Tag Action

2.Click “Remove Tag”, it invokes a dialog.
Remove Tag Dialog

3.In the dialog, enter a name, and click OK, then the input tag name will be removed.

The attached file RemoveTagPlugin_1.0.0.jar.zip is the plugin(including source code). Unzip and put it to folder <home>/plugins/, then it works.

Update Site URL: http://plugin.zijinshi.cn/rtp

(The End)

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